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Guinea Pig Surgery

15.12.2016,  Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Ciszewskiego 8. Str.

All procedures will be first shown by the lecturer Charly Pignon, then participants will be working on cadavers.


Advanced dentistry with selected head surgery techniques e.g.:

  • manual and mechanical teeth correction
  • external access in cheek teeth extraction
  • diagnostics and treatment of selected dental issues
  • eye and nasolacrimal duct surgery
  • nose, nares and sinus surgical techniques

GUINEA PIGS - Workshops II, 14:30 - 19:00

Abdominal soft tissue surgery (selected techniques, they may be changed due to the participants' expectations) e.g.:

  • Alimentary tract surgery (e.g. intestines, stomach, liver)
  • Urinary tract surgery (e.g. nephrectomy, cystotomy)
  • Spaying and castration (midline vs. flank approach)
  • Exploratory laparotomy