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We are happy to invite you to the first course in dentistry of rabbits and rodents (guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and squirrels) in Poland with an experienced and respected lecturer Dr. Vittorio Capello. He is the author of the renowned textbook "Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry Handbook". We invite you to the WORKSHOPS tab, where the exact program of the course and prices are detailed. It will be possible to choose a convenient pricing option - theoretical and practical part or only theory.



We are pleased to invite you to the first even conference fully dedicated to the diagnostics and treatment of guinea pigs. The event will be held at Airport Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw, 5 minutes from Chopin Airport. We will host two extraordinary experts in this field - Charly Pignon and Mette Lybek Ruelokke. Details can be found in the CONFERENCES tab.

The conference will take place on 16-17th December. On the pre-congress day on 15th December we prepared for you two wet-labs with Dr. Charly Pignon - dentistry with head surgery and soft tissue surgery which will be held in CEMED. After the congress, on Monday morning 18th December we invite you to interactive masterclass with Dr. Mette Lybek Ruelokke - round table discussion in proceedings and differential diagnosis in selected cases sent by our participants.

We are delighted to invite you for the first cytology workshops in Poland exclusive to small mammals - rabbits, ferrets, rodents and others which are patient of the veterinary practices. The workshops will be held in Warsaw, at the Veterinary Faculty of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. We would host a fantastic lecturer - Dr. Francesco Carrani from Pisa, Italy. More here: WORKSHOPS.