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in it’s simplest term, is a project launched by people who want to change the veterinary reality in Poland in the small animal field.

The small furry patient is still an exotic patient in Poland. Despite a large number of clinics and new veterinary faculties being created at Universities in last few years, still relatively few of our fellow vet colleagues are currently specialising in rabbits and rodents, even though their popularity as domestic pets is still increasing. On the other hand, those who have dedicated themselves to practice with these small mammals often do not have the opportunity to polish and improve their skills as well as to broaden their expertise in our country.

That’s why the idea of Furryvets was created. The name does represent both our interests and emotions. As vets, we mainly take care of our little “Furries” but we are “frustrated” that their issues seem to be a little neglected in Poland.

To break away from this cycle, we took the matter into our own hands. We are eager to teach but also to learn. We started off in April 2017 with the conference with Dr Frances Harcourt-Brown as the main guest-speaker – the fount of knowledge and a  living legend in the subjects of rabbits. Our next project will be first small furries cytology workshops with Dr Drancesco Carrani in July 2017 and Guinea Pig Conference and Workshops in December 2017 with Charly Pignon And Mette Lybbek Ruelokke.

img_6654mNatalia Strokowska, DVM MRCVS

Natalia graduated from Warsaw University of Life Sciences with a doctoral specializaition in wild animals’ diseases. As an avid traveler, she has worked on 5 continents and crossed thousands of kilometers in the pursuit and implementation of her academic and professional researches. Currently, she divides her time between her academic activity, running her own business and working as a locum veterinarian in British animal clinics. She is also a translator, a teacher of medical English (www.veterinaryenglish.com), and an organizer of linguistic courses, preparing veterinary students for work in their profession. You can visit her blog at: www.vetnolimits.com. Her life motto is:

“Goals are dreams with an implementation deadline.”

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